CV Template & Tips

Here are a few tips for writing a decent CV and a template to work to further down the page! 

1. Use the format below, its fail safe. The only people this might not work for is Creatives i.e., graphic designs, web designers etc. They will more than likely have more graphics content on a CV.

2. If you use the format below, use your common sense to highlight longer stays and shorter stays. For instance if you've been in a role 5 years you'll have a lot to say, if you've been in a 3 month contract it’s going to be a few sentences.

3. Tell a story of each role. Who you work for, what you did for them and what you achieved.

4. If you're in sales use numbers and figures. This shows you are commercial

5. "2 Pages" is a Myth, as long as the content of your CV is worth reading it’s comfortable to 4. If you've exceeded this by a long way you need to re-write it. 

6. Change your job title to a standard Job Title; this is your advertising page, not a legal internal document. For example if your company call you a "Customer Proposition and Acquisition Channel Manager" and you are a sales person! Call yourself "Sales Manager", "Key Account Manager". Make your CV relevant to what you actually do to the outside world. 

7. Location, Telephone number and email address. Make sure they are up to date. 

8. If the company you work for is not an obvious brand, tell the person reading the document what that company does. 

9. Don't rely on spell check. If you've been looking at the document to long, get someone else to check it! 

10. Interests outside of work - Don't try to be too funny, sometimes it doesn't work! 



Personal Summary

A highly efficient, results driven and capable marketing executive with a proven ability to effectively develop, manage and control relationships between the company and its target audience. Having a proven track record of quickly understanding a marketing campaigns mission, vision and objective and then communicating this to potential customers.

Professional Experience *Repeat the below format for each role. 

Company Name                        Job Title                                              Dates - Present

Company Description:(only use this if company purpose not obvious or slightly different business unit)

Short Job definition:- Responsible for ensuring that promotional activity is targeted, effective in attracting potential customers.


  • Planning & implementing marketing activities across all online & offline channels.
  • Setting up new marking strategies.
  • Generating sales leads.
  • Managing customer relationships.
  • Logging and progressing all new leads / potential sales enquiries.
  • Writing new marketing material & website content.
  • Assisting with campaign building, press releasing & promotional copy production. Making sales calls and handling enquiries from potential customers.
  • Involved in the online, web and email marketing campaigns. Analyse and produce reports on data provided by customers.
  • Campaign tracking, measurement, evaluation and reporting on all activity. Co-ordinating company representation at relevant conferences and exhibitions. Monitoring and optimising key internet search engine campaigns.
  • Liaising with strategic partners, internal stakeholders and key customers.


  • Launched the largest most successful multi-channel campaign the business has ever seen
  • Due tothe success of 3 of my major campaigns I was promoted to Marketing Manager
  • Implemented and improved a new customer data system.
  • Delivered an existing project that had historically failed. These were the results.
  • Ability to troubleshoot independently. Experience of CRM such as Goldmine.
  • ** Use figures and percentages where possible **

Interests outside of work

Contact Details:

Tel:                              0778 xXX XXX    


Address/Location:        Northampton