Elevating Efficiency: Working in the world of Cranes and Hoists

In the world of heavy lifting and material handling, cranes and hoists play pivotal roles, facilitating the movement of goods and materials with efficiency and precision. These mechanical marvels have been instrumental in countless industries, including construction, manufacturing, shipping and logistics, mining and aerospace.

The crane and hoist market size is expected to grow from GBP £20 billion in 2021 to GBP £27 billion by 2026, with the key factors driving growth mainly coming from significant demand from construction industry, expanding mining industry and the increased use in shipping industry.

Working in the crane and hoists industry offers a dynamic and rewarding career path for those drawn to the world of heavy machinery and precision engineering. This industry provides opportunities for individuals to operate and maintain complex equipment, ensuring the safe and efficient movement of heavy loads in various sectors.

Whether you’re a crane operator perched high above a construction site, a technician fine-tuning the intricate mechanisms of a hoist, or an engineer designing the next generation of lifting solutions, the crane and hoists industry demands a strong commitment to safety, precision, and continuous learning. With the chance to be at the forefront of technological advancements and contribute to critical projects across diverse industries, a career in this field promises both challenges and the satisfaction of playing a vital role in keeping the world moving forward.

As well as being an established piece of machinery, it is also a developing area with trends and developments anticipated such as the use of automation, robotics and AI technology, energy efficiencies, safety innovations, the use and incorporation of lightweight materials and electric and hybrid solutions to name just a few.

Wallace Hind have experience of working with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of overhead cranes and hoists, sourcing them candidates for a variety of functions across the board such as Structural Engineers, Design Engineers, Installation Engineer, Supply Chain Managers and Sales Managers.

If you are currently recruiting, have a difficult role to fill or would like an informal chat, contact Zakk Hill who would be delighted to help. Zakk is a Recruitment Consultant at Wallace Hind who specialises in Engineering and Technical Sales roles, with his main areas of expertise being lifting equipment and the LEEA.

Zakk Hill, ZH@wallacehind.com, 01604 683312.

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