Talent Identification

Wallace Hind have an internal Research / Resource Team specialising in Talent Acquisition utilising resourcing techniques to provide solutions for your individual requirements.

By identifying and sourcing key candidates, we provide an extension to your internal HR & Recruitment teams adding another dimension to your recruitment process.

We can provide in-depth research across the following areas;

  • Utilising Resourcing Solutions to shortlist candidates who meet the clients brief

  • Headhunting and Name Gathering

  • Initial Approach and Engagement of Candidates

  • Salary Benchmarking

  • Market Mapping

  • Industry Insight for market intelligence into specific market sectors

We can provide detailed market research into your specific market sector by targeting candidates and confidentially approaching key individuals which fit your specific requirement.

By applying targeted and tailored resourcing methodology we support our full eSearch and advertising campaigns across all sectors.  

Working collaboratively alongside you as our client, we can carry out the initial recruitment research process taking away time and costs from your business.

Headhunt (Executive Search):

The following is an outline of the process we undertake to provide you with competitor market data, insight and talent within your specific market whilst protecting and advocating your brand.

  • Target List: We will work together alongside you to identify companies in your appropriate market sector and formalise a target list.

  • Research and Identify: Our in-house team of researchers will identify appropriate individuals from those targeted organisations directly alongside the use of job board CV databases and social media activities.

  • Reports: Utilising the information gathered, detailed reports will be produced and presented to you to cross-reference any potentially known candidates. Continual progress reports can be provided on progression and detailing contact made with potential candidates.

  • Approach and Engagement: We will confidentially approach identified candidates to determine their suitability/interest in your position and company whilst protecting your identity/brand.

Salary Benchmarking and Market Insight:

We can provide valuable insight into the attitudes and salary expectations of potential candidates within specific market functions and industry sectors. A recommended salary banding for specific roles within your organisation can be provided. We collate figures and averages from active professionals within the market space and current competitor advertisements. An advisory salary banding will then be provided for you to advertise your position to attract the correct level of talent.

Case Study: Talent Identification

Client Profile: Top Ten Distribution and Logistics business T/O £900 Million

Project Brief: To work directly with their in-house recruitment team to provide them with extra resourcing skills and support. We market mapped the logistics industry including salary benchmarking, identifying and approaching key candidates alongside sourcing CV’s in order for our client to recruit extensively for a new project, filling 20 positions.

Case Study: Salary Benchmarking against specific disciplines and levels.

Client Profile: Food Manufacturing business T/0 £Multi-Million

Project Brief: A long standing client of ours had been struggling to convince the senior management board that his team’s salaries did not align with the current market rate.

By identifying a targeted list of local food manufacturers and relevant FMCG organisations we benchmarked the salaries of candidates across this specific discipline and level. With this market insight this resulted in the company providing a considerable salary increase alongside the introduction of a company car benefit for both his team and a pending offer he was due to make to a candidate, this resulted in him securing this candidate for his team.