Launching our new brand and website

After almost 6 months in the making, we’re delighted to unveil our new and refreshed brand, and re-designed website.

Earlier this year we made the big decision to undertake an exciting new branding exercise and re-launch our website which would deliver an approachable brand that truly reflects who we are and what we do as a business.

It wasn’t a task to be taken lightly and we knew we’d need some extra support along the way. We therefore sought out a modern design agency that not only had the vision to take our brand forward creatively but also the care and consideration to bring our long-standing client base and 26-year reputation in the industry along with us on this journey.

Passionate about investing in the future and wanting to deliver this project as effectively as possible and with our clients at the centre, we also took on our first ever marketing manager.

Getting our visual identity right was incredibly important to us, and working closely with our design agency Blue Ethos, we made sure they had a clear understanding of the direction we wanted to go in, but even more importantly that they understood the history and passion of the team behind Wallace Hind.

We’re extremely proud of our new brand which incorporates a modern colour palette of fresh greens and blues. Our six core sector areas have been given their own identity and distinctive colour that forms an overall gradient when brought together. At the centre of the brand is the ‘coffee ring’ around our logo which can be used in a variety of ways across our online channels and in our printed materials and brings a soft, personable feel to our identity.

We had a great website already to build upon, but after listening to feedback from our clients and colleagues we wanted to get away from the current trend of bamboozling people with pages and pages of confusing recruitment language and making it difficult for clients to access the information they really need, quickly. Essentially, we knew that our site had to be simple to use, engaging, and written in a personable way that gave customers all the information they needed and a sensible navigation to get them there.

By developing a bespoke ‘client area’ we have been able to provide a range of useful resources and free downloads that cover the latest tips and advice on recruitment issues, an online job registration form and a direct route for contacting a specialist consultant within different sectors.

It’s been a huge task, but we believe we’ve created something unique that proves our expertise, honesty and open-ness in a straight-forward no-nonsense way – giving our customers a clear view of our products and services.

Moving forward we plan to build on our client and candidate areas and continue to provide meaningful content and added value for our visitors.
To all our current and future clients and candidates, thanks for shaping the new brand, we hope you like it……

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